Where do I begin with the curriculum?



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CVA Language Arts:

After opening the box, locate the CVA LA calendar and instruction guide. It is a 36 week calendar to help pace your student’s lessons and provide instructions for how to use each part of the language arts curriculum.

If your student is using Growing with Grammar grades 3-8, locate your student’s grammar books and make sure to indicate in the student workbook when to take each grammar test. The grammar tests come in a large envelope and at the top of each test it specifies when to give the tests. For example, give Test 1 after lesson 1.6.

Grades K-5 students will be using Junior Great Books. Take the time to read through the teacher’s manual to learn how this system should be implemented.

Make sure to talk to your teacher about the novel studies that are a part of this curriculum for grades 3-8. Your teacher will provide you with a list of available novels and student guides.

Saxon Math: Levels 5/4 - Algebra I

Locate the Solutions Manual, Student Edition, Tests and Worksheets packet, and Teacher CD that are included in this math curriculum. The table of contents in the test booklet will be your guide for when to give the tests. For example, give test 1 after completing lesson 10. Here is a link you can use to learn how to get started in Saxon 5/4.


TimeLinks Social Studies
Here is a link students and parents can use to learn more about the curriculum and take mini quizzes on each lesson from each unit in each grade level.

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