CVA Family Portal


The CVA Family Portal ( was developed to support families by providing quick access to student information and CVA learning resources. The portal includes registration information, Written Student Learning Plans (WSLP), progress reviews, assessment schedules, course catalog, school calendars, district directory, CVA assets, and links to additional instructional resources.

Parents and students sign in to the CVA Family Portal with their Office 365 accounts. Parent accounts have access to all their students and student accounts have access to his or her information.

The CVA Family Portal is integrated with Microsoft Office 365, so usernames are required to be in an email format. However, your personal email address will not work on Office 365. Parents use the account name they selected at CVA registration and append to the end of their usernames (i.e. Passwords are case sensitive.

To sign in to the CVA Family Portal as a different user, simply sign out, then sign in again and select another user. The student username is the CVA student ID, so students would sign in with


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