Where can I learn more about Headsprout Early Reading?


To learn more about how to use Headsprout, visit the brief online orientation at: https://www.headsprout.com/main/VideoLibrary.

The online orientation will give you an overview of Headsprout Early Reading and explain how to use Sprout Stories and Benchmark Reading Assessments. Here are a few notes from Headsprout:

To get the most out of Headsprout Early Reading, it is important for students to follow our Three Guiding Principles for Reading Success.

They are:

  1. Complete a minimum of 3 episodes a week - Our research has shown that consistent use of the program yields the highest outcomes
  2. Speak out loud when prompted by the program -
    Speaking Out Loud helps ensure the transfer from screen to reading printed books
  3. Read all 80 Sprout Stories while progressing through the program -
    Reading the Sprout Stories reinforces what was taught on-line and provides the opportunity for students to practice and extend their newly learned skills

Once you have created your Headsprout account you will have access to many resources, including printable student materials, suggestions for English Language Learners, and classroom management tools.

Our School Support team can be reached by phone at 800.401.5062 ext. 7800 or by email at schoolsupport@headsprout.com. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or would like more information about Headsprout.

Headsprout School Support
800-401-5062 ext. 7800

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