Submitting a Portfolio of Student Work for Credit


Submitting a Portfolio of Student Work for Credit

CVA Online courses do not require portfolios. Portfolios of student work are required to earn high school credit in two CVA courses: Creative Art (Grade 9-12) and Algebra I (Grade 8). Only students in grades 9-12 can earn credit for Creative Art. Only students in grades 7 and 8 are eligible to take Algebra I (Grade 8) with text-based curricula. Students (and parents) are ultimately responsible for recording all coursework. Students should have a big part in the record keeping. They can be assigned to make the proper notations in the plan daily book. If they want the credits they can keep the score.

Some helpful tips:

Throw nothing away. 

Keep the daily written work, tests, quizzes, photos, awards, certificates, report cards, transcripts, course descriptions, videos, brochures from places and events. We recommend that you keep everything until the student actually has the high school diploma in his or her hands.

Organize the work

File folders help. Date, correct, and grade all written work

Save all written work for your portfolio. Be certain that it is dated, corrected, and graded.

CVA teachers assign the final grade. However, parents provide a preliminary grade on the Portfolio of Completion Form. The grade assigned should be a direct reflection of student academic performance, but may also include additional factors such as student attitude and work ethic. The grade will be a letter grade (A, B, C, D – see “Grading Procedure”).

Assembling a Portfolio of work for Algebra I textbooks (available for 7th and 8th grade students only).

Keep track of your daily work – again keep it organized in some form of a folder or notebook system.

Using the Portfolio Evidence of Course Completion Form, you will keep track of each day you work in that particular course. You can access the form here. Fill out the form as you work through-out the semester or year. Our advice is to build your portfolio as you go and not wait until the last week of the school year to organize.

Each day fill in your work, recording the time you spend each day in the Time Spent box and keeping a running total of your time in the Running Time Total box.

In the Assignment/test completed box keep track of the specific pages or topics completed each day.

For your portfolio you will want to submit to your teacher daily assignments f for each lesson covered as well as daily quizzes or tests. Also include any semester or final exams. Make sure your work is dated, corrected, graded and organized chronologically.  Make a check mark in the box signifying you are including it in your portfolio. This will signal your teacher to look for that assignment or test in their evaluation of your portfolio.

Assembling Portfolio of work for Creative Art

For Creative Art to qualify for high school credit you must complete the same Portfolio Evidence of Course Completion Form. Each day fill in your work, recording the time you spend each day in the Time Spent box and keeping a running total of your time in the Running Time Total box.

In the Assignment/test completed box keep track of the specific activity you participated in with some detail.  For example, and entry might look something like the following: “I read Unit 1 Lesson 1 and learned about ‘space” as an art concept. I learned the difference between active and non-active space and then observed examples of active and non-active space in my backyard. This exercise helped me become more visually aware. It was interesting to learn how Medieval artists used active space to tell stories.”

Finally, when to turn in your portfolio

Portfolios can be submitted in portions throughout the course or at the end of the semester or end of the year.  Be sure to discuss with your teacher when and how you will submit your evidence so that a mutual understanding of expectations is assured. Include the completed and signed Portfolio Evidence of Course Completion Form, making sure there is a final grade on the form, when the final evidence is submitted. 

When sending your portfolio, send it directly to your teacher and always send with a signature receipt required. This way you will have a tracking number in case the portfolio gets lost, you will be notified when your portfolio is delivered and who signed for it, and there is no confusion about when the portfolio was received. It is always a good practice to notify your teacher the day you sent your portfolio and when your teacher should expect it to be delivered. It is highly recommended that you keep a copy of the entire portfolio for your records. 

High School students in Creative Art (Grade 9-12) and 7th and 8th grade students in Algebra I (Grade 8) are required to submit a portfolio of evidence in order to earn credit. A failing grade (“F”) will automatically be assigned to the course if a portfolio is not submitted. CVA online courses do not require a portfolio.

Written portfolios require the following

A completed Portfolio Evidence of Course Completion form

  • A letter grade
  • Signatures
  • Time log, totaling a minimum of 150 hours for a full credit (minimum of 75 hours for .5 credit)

Ample work samples

  • Graded
  • Math work samples require the students to SHOW THEIR WORK
  • Tests and quizzes, graded

Anything that students or parents feel will help the CVA teacher better evaluate the students’ progress

Please see forms attached below.

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