Learning About Native American Culture


Eloisa_and_Elisa_MBTP_Native_American_Final_Project_Oct_2017.jpgElisa and Eloisa Butcher are twin sisters in Kimber Rolfe's 5th Grade class. They are new to Columbia Virtual Academy this year and have worked very hard on their learning goals and lesson target objectives. They enjoy the integrated subject and project based format of Moving Beyond the Page curriculum.

For their final project on the Native Americans unit, Elisa and Eloisa worked on a presentation to demonstrate the interesting things they learned about Native American culture, specifically for the Shoshone Tribe. This project was especially engaging for the sisters as they have been researching the possibility of their own Shoshone ancestry.

Elisa shared, "I learned a lot about how the Native Americans explained things in nature with stories." Eloisa shared, "I liked learning about Indians and about their environment and what they did...I would like to learn more about what tools they had and how they used them."

Ms. Butcher explained that the two sisters are developing their public speaking skills. This final project they chose allowed the opportunity to practice their presentation and organization skills.

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